Inventory Management - Batch Scanning

Question for everyone. Who is using the inventory management feature in ESC and who is getting their field techs to scan parts into their invoice? Also, when you are using these features what are your comments on the inability "BATCH SCAN" through ESC?



  • We use the inventory system in ESC, and have for about 4 years now.  We started with scanners in the vans, but the techs preferred to enter the part numbers themselves.  When we switched from Laptops to smartphones we pulled the scanners from the vans.

    Batch scanning.....  In what context.  When cycle counting you can batch scan, if you mean just scanning parts have having the system add up totals for the adjustment.  So, what are you trying to do?


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  • Can you go a little more in depth on "cycle count"?

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  • Steve,

    Cycle counting is an inventory process that spreads a year end inventory out over the whole year.  It is proving much more accurate than a year end inventory.

    So, what does that mean in ESC terms?  If we zero out the inventory in a van, we can then scan the bar codes of the parts in the van. Basically batch or bulk scanning.

    The inventory adjustment screen allows this, as  does the receiving screen, where it's hidden under the BARCODE menu.

    From mobile, I think you still have to push the scan item button, but probably for each item.  I don't, however, have the ability to check that at the moment.

    Hope that helps.

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