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I've asked for this for a long time and have not seen the needle move at all.  Here I go again:  we are a flat rate company.  Not every flat rate task has only one part in it (i.e., a dishwasher install).  Several parts, or an assembly, maybe be used to build tasks.  On the mobile device, the technicians have never been able to EDIT the parts they actually use on the job, this has to happen in the back office, or else they get parts back the next day from their restock that they did not use.  Now there are return forms having to be filled out, inventory to put away that was just pulled and the correct parts pulled from inventory that the tech needs replenished.  

So while the dispatch may have been "paperless", the inventory inefficiencies the mobile program is causing is more than tripling the amount of paperwork required for daily corrections.

We have systematized inventory in all of our warehouses so YES, it does matter they get the same exact parts back that they used!  Otherwise, why bother with inventory control?  

Our last software allowed this function and it worked seamlessly.  I was told over 1-1/2 years ago this was a no brainer on the mobile side and nothing has happened yet.



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  • I up vote this as we don't even use the inventory side of ESC due to some of the features like this that are lacking. While it can do some great things for inventory it also does appear to have some downside. Would love to see this become a real feature request for ESC in the mobile app. 

    Thanks Julie!

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