Feature Requests from an IT Company

I am with a company that does everything if feels like in the IT world. 

1. I would like to see scaling for ESC. as of right now it only goes up to 1080p. a lot of mobile workstations as well as desktop monitors are moving to 4k. I would like to see ESC support 4k Resolutions or better auto scale.


2. API's It would be good to see some API's where we can integrate some things with ESC. such as a Ticketing system that is customizable where a customer could create a dispatch and it look decent. 


3. Service agreement invoicing i feel needs works. I feel like you should beable to create a normal Itemized invoice and have that setup to be sent out monthly/annualy instead of the bland invoice options where you would put the description of whats included. My customers like to see line items with prices.


4. Mobile client - I like the fact that the mobile tech can have a customer sign an invoice, but i find it somewhat odd that they cannot sign a dispatch. I don't bill my clients when i leave site. I do it at the end of the week. as that's my job as manager not my field techs. I would love to see the dispatch's signed by the customer as that would be a indicator they were happy with the work. 







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