Community Participation

Participating in the dESCO community should be a fun and rewarding experience, whether you are just reading content or you are actively commenting and posting content. It's is an easy way to ask questions, share your expertise, provide doc feedback and clarifications, and provide product feedback.

Your participation helps make our content better and our community stronger.

Community support

In the community you can get help and you can help others. It’s the best place to get effective and timely answers to questions.

You will encounter many supportive and helpful customer service professionals in the community, including our team of expert community moderators. If someone in the community can’t help you, though, then someone from dESCO will usually jump in.

We treat the community as a support channel. We have community support leads dedicated to helping users in the community. And they escalate questions to tickets when they need input from other groups, like our product team or advanced support team.

Community sharing: tips, insights, best practices

The value of the community is learning what others are doing and building collective knowledge and best practices. So the more real-world knowledge you share, the stronger the community will be!

Regardless of the size of your team or your industry or your customer service goals, there are similar users who want to know what you’re doing to use dESCO and provide the best customer experience possible.

We encourage you to share your support workflows, to share insights, and to discuss best practices in Industry Best Practices.





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