Upcoming Webinar (08/04/2016) - I need your help!

Hey Everyone!

We have a free Webinar coming up this Thursday. I'll be moderating the incoming chat during the webinar - wooowooo!

One of the topics we're going to be covering is List Views. I'd love to get some real-world examples for the webinar, so that's where I need your help.

What custom list view are you using and what are you trying to solve by using it?

This can be any custom list view and there is no wrong answer here. The winning list view/workflow will be featured in our webinar on Thursday.

Also, if you haven't already signed up for the webinar, do so!

And if you have any questions about the list views or what I'm asking for, just let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I can't wait to see your ideas and if I don't talk to you before then, come drop by the Webinar and chat with me!



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    Thanks for the feedback guys, closing this for comments since the webinar has since taken place.

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  • On a regular basis (monthly or weekly) we look at service department callbacks and warranty new install callbacks from the dispatch list.

    We also use the agreement list for maintenance reminder emails and mailing lists.

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  • I've created my own version of many of the default reports.  One of my favorites is the Service Agreement Report.  We just implemented the scheduling and usage tracking of Service Agreements within ESC last year.  I'm still making tweaks to the data and perfecting my process for adding new SA customers so I find it most helpful to see as much on the screen as I can.  I then filter within each column to pick out the data that is missing or needs to be updated.  Here's a snapshot.

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  • Wendy, that report looks awesome! I totally stole it from you.

    Also, fix Tom, Alfredson he doesn't have a Next Post Date!

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  • I love it!  See, the report works -  I've got Tom all fixed up!

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