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Our company provides telecommunications inside wire services. We install and service telephones, voicemail, background music and other low voltage services.   I am still setting up or program for use.  I see where the ADMIN user would need all the boxes checked in setting up users.  I want to setup that same person with a separate user name for use on ESC Mobile because they also work in the field and customers get invoiced for their time. What is considered a standard technician user setup that will be using ESC Mobile. In our business it is unusual to accept payment on the job site.  Should the sales person be setup differently?  I think only ADMIN should have access to the System Module and Technician and Sales people would not.  Do any technicians or sales people need to have access to add, remove or edit to other modules?  Seriously...I need help.  I don't have time to sit and contemplate the best choice on this. 



  • Brinda,

    Those choices are very personal and specific to your company, and business model.

    Having said that, some basic guidelines:

    Unless your techs are doing significant work in the shop, they don't really need access to anything other than

    Login as a Mobile User

    Mobile Permissions > check all, except the ability to edit status times.  Although that may vary for you.


    There are some advantages to letting them look at the EDB and also accessing some of the Dispatch >Reports.  Such as tech hours.  I don't let our guys into the basic dispatch entry screen.  Not so much as a trust issue, it's just that you can screw up a lot of things just through lack of training and familiarity.  So I guess that's trust of a different type.

    Aside of techs, for in-shop people, I'd limit the ability to delete things to those people that absolutely must, as having a dispatch disappear with all it's info by hitting delete instead of clear, or delete when you meant delete a technician is a bad thing.

    Currently I'm the only one that can delete dispatches, quotes or POs.  Our accounting lady can delete invoices.  I've offered to let people experienced with the system have that ability, but so far they seem to prefer a mode where they can't loose data inadvertently.

    Management can pretty much do anything they want, but only if they log in as Admin, which most of them have forgotten about.  : )  Their only logins are fairly limited.  They can look at most everything, and get reports.

    Funny, the only people that that ask why they can't do certain things are the ones I wouldn't trust to run Notepad. 

    Hope that helps, if you have other questions, we'll be around for you.



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  • Hi Brinda! Welcome to the community!

    Rick nailed it. You mentioned your looking at setting up a Mobile User, so in this case there aren't many permissions to deal with, and once you establish one user, you can easily copy the same permissions to any other mobile techs when you set them up by using the "Base on Another User" at the bottom of the Permissions screen.

    Permissions are very specific to your own business model, so this is something you'll tinker with until it's just right.

    Start with what Rick suggested, and if a Tech comes to you and says "why Can't I do 'X'," you can then evaluate if you want that tech actually doing what they're asking for.

    You may even find that over time, you need to scale back permissions, or open up more permissions. And, you'll likely find that not all techs are created equal and some may require some extra hand holding by removing certain permissions.

    Thanks for reaching out to us on the community, Brinda!

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  • Thank you guys for your advice. Much needed.

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