ESC Feature Spotlight: Send personalized notifications to your customers automatically!

Welcome to our Feature Spotlight Series where we highlight and discuss the usage of impactful yet lesser known capabilities in ESC.

This week... Automated Status Notifications. Imagine if ESC could send a personalized notification to your customer to tell them that your tech is on the way.

Without lifting a finger, ESC can send key information like technician name, picture, biography and promise time... all the ingredients for a great visit.

Key benefits:

• Reduce no-shows and make it easy for the customer to reschedule
• Instill confidence and “peace of mind” by highlighting certifications
• You only get one shot at a first impression... make it personal and get great reviews!

Interested? Watch this short 4 minute tutorial and we'll show you how!

Already using this feature to delight your customers? How do you use status notifications to make a great first impression?



  • How do you balance personality with professionalism? Some customers limit the personal information to a single line and others have several fun facts. What are your thoughts?

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  • I believe the buzz phrase is "Style Fluxing".  The ability to adapt interactions, presentations, etc. to a specific customer.

    Some customers like a personal approach, some don't.  Some are very technical, some aren't.

    So, there is no easy answer to this issue.  You have to know the people or group that you are talking to, and you need to adjust on the fly if you are on the wrong tack.

    As a balance, it's whatever the customer wants.  Some customers will back away if you get to personal, and others want that warm fuzzy personal touch.  I go with friendly but professional until I get a sense of what makes the customer comfortable.  It's pretty safe to feed back to them what they are sending to you.

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  • Thanks Rick! I agree that we need to strive for relevant and personalized messages.

    Another alternative is to keep the tech bios concise and more professional, but include a URL that links to your corporate site for more detail and fun facts.

    That said, with a crisp uniform and warm smile, the photo alone can accomplish a lot.

    Looking forward to hear from others using Status Notifications with Employee Biographies.

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