Customer Surveys

Good afternoon!  Anyone using customer surveys have a recommendation for a survey program to use?



  • Terri,

    We use Survey Monkey.  it works.  I haven't done any comparisons with other products, so I can't tell you if it's better or worse than anything else.



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  • Hey Terri! I tried to ask around the office to get more info on this, but here's what I found - maybe some other ESC users will have other ideas!

    We use Survey Monkey and MailChimp.

    Survey Monkey is pretty awesome, it allows you to create a Link, that you can attach within your emails, which will let your customers take a survey after they click the link.

    And apparently in MailChimp ( I haven't been able to verify this ), you can create mail templates that you email through mailchimp that have the survey built into it.

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  • Oh and the links, sorry!

    Survey Monkey

    Mail Chimp

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