ESC Feature Spotlight: Get valuable customer feedback and grow your online presence!

Welcome to our Feature Spotlight Series where we highlight and discuss impactful yet lesser known capabilities in ESC. 

This week you'll  learn to increase your online presence and get valuable customer feedback.

In today's digital world, the growing majority of customers rely on online reviews to determine which service provider they hire.

  • Send your surveys effortlessly for every completed dispatch
  • Coach your team and quickly repair customer relationships
  • Nurture your fan base, build referrals, and increase retention

Interested? Watch this short 4 minute tutorial and we'll show you how!



  • I have heard from a customer who used SPIFFs to motivate their technicians to secure positive online reviews. Their techs would receive $25 for a positive online review and $35 for a positive online review with their name included. How do you motivate this highly critical behavior?

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  • For my sins in a past life, I did a stint working at Fry's Electronics years ago.  They made very effective use of SPIFs to focus the sales force on selling what the company wanted sold.  They also gave the sales accociates a 25% SPIF on sales of service agreements.

    I think they are a great way to incentivize sales of specific products or services.  I haven't been able to convince anyone here of that, but I'm working on it.  Particularly in the case of service agreements.

    The SPIFs you cite look a bit high to me, but I suppose it would also depend on the average ticket amount for calls.

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  • Hah, Rick, I am right there with you. I did my time at CompUSA/Best Buy/Tiger Direct! Tiger Direct had a pretty solid spiff method that encouraged certain directives. It was primarily on Software products, but the concept still worked beautifully.

    Our spiff methods were flat amounts, ranging from about 10-30 dollars depending on the particular campaign. Let me tell you, if you tell someone they can make some extra $$ just for XYZ initiative or product, it will light a fire under those team members.

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