Pop Up Alerts

 It would be really helpful to have pop up alerts that can be set for each customer and location. Maybe as an 8th tab under customer information beside 7-History. We could put in any info that each desktop and/or mobile user needs to be alerted of - such as needing to contact customer at each service, only being able to go to a customer during specific times of day, etc.. things that even if they are in the customer notes, they can still be easily overlooked. To my knowledge, it is not possible to see the notes on the customer unless you specifically pull that customer up in customer center. If I am just looking at the main dispatch board, and the dispatch summary that pops up on the right, I cannot see anything in the customer notes. It kind of makes the customer notes ineffectual if you aren't able to see them every single time you click on the customer in any way, shape, or form. If a pop up cannot be made, perhaps the info in the customer notes can be transferred to be seen on the dispatch preview screen. 

Just a suggestion. 




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