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Is there a way to generate a report or invoice-list-view that will show whether invoices are paid or still outstanding? We'd like very similar information as what shows up under the "Monthly Sales By Salesperson" view, but with an indication whether or not each of those invoices has been paid.

We use QuickBooks so it would have to be able to pull the AR information.

I tried adding a column called "Paid off Date" but it shows nothing. 




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  • We use QuickBooks as well.

    In ESC's Invoice List, click on the "Monthly Sales by Salesperson" and add the "Paid off date" exactly like you tried - it shows the date each invoice was paid on my end, but not the amount... not sure why it's showing nothing for you, maybe check the custom view filters to see if something needs adjusting?

    The ESC Sales Report requires modifying the filters every time you run it, so I would skip that option.

    I checked the invoices in QuickBooks, and the salesperson details are not posted across from ESC, so all QuickBooks reports will be missing this information.

    I think the only way you would be able to get the invoice status & balance remaining, while also being sorted by each salesperson would be a custom report from Crystal Reports or some other external reporting software... I've got Crystal Reports here so I'll see what I can put together later today.

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