Duplicate dispatches

We receive most of our service calls via email.  Is there a way ESC can assure that we do not enter duplicate dispatches?  Our customers all use work order numbers.  ESC does not prompt us when we have duplicate work order numbers for the same customer.  Is there a way to setup ESC so it will warn about duplicate work orders?  Or, is there another way to do this.

Thank you.



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  • Pat,

    If you don't care about the dispatch #, you could use their work order as a PO #.  That would cause problems for us, but perhaps not for you.

    It would be impractical for them to make the PO field exclusive, several customers could use the same #s.  This could also be an issue if you used them for your dispatch #, you may have to add the customer # to the front for clarity.

    Hope this helps, but I have my doubts.

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