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We are trying to set credit limits for some of our customers.  I know that in QuickBooks you can set a dollar amount and it will notify you in the invoice section when you have reached this limit but I do not see any such fields in ESC.  I was wondering if anyone else was using credit limits and how they may have it setup?





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  • The best we could do was add a note to all of the customer's locations. If the customer went over their credit limit (and we noticed) / they stopped paying on time, we manually change the customer's Credit Rating (this field is on the General tab of the Customer records).

    You can adjust the ratings so they stop anyone from adding new dispatches. Our rating HOLD is for customers over their limit, COLLECT is for ones that are slow paying but we want to continue doing business with them, and BAD is for the customers that we don't want to do business with again. We've used the COLLECT option only a couple times, it depends on the reason for late payment (landlord/tennant billing issues, etc.)

    It doesn't address setting a credit limit for each customer, but we've made it work so far.

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