Help with ESC setup- HVAC

Looking for an HVAC company willing to help us with our ESC. We have owned it for YEARS. We have all our customers, equipment, maintenance agreements, inventory and flat rate already set up.

We also have almost all of our information inputted. We use Quickbooks Premier for our accounting program. Within Quickbooks we use billing items, classes tracking and have a very departmentalized p&l.  WE are struggling with getting our COA matched with Quickbooks to provide the same amount of detailed information we can currently pull from quickbooks. 

We also made the HUGE mistake when we setup Quickbooks of using a Parent Customer/location and then using :Jobs underneath each customer for additional locations. ESC does NOT work in that manner. 

WE are very VISUAL people, would anyone be willing to get on a conference video call and show us some tips and tricks?

Thanks in advance!


Ann Powers, V.P.





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