Mobile issues and fixing invoices

I am having issues with my techs not being able to see past invoices. They can read the beginning, but cannot open the entire invoice. Also, is there a way a tech can delete a picture or document if he uploads it to the wrong customer by accident? I seem to be having that issue a lot. Another question I had was that every time I go into an invoice, if I go into the edit box, it turns all of my apostrophes, quotation marks, and degree symbols into ^. It's very frustrating when I'm editing an invoice and the tech types feet and inches as ' or ", then I have no idea what size they're referring to because it changes everything to a ^.



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  • Hi Karen,


    Thanks for the post.  I think it would be best for a support technician to reach out to you and discuss these questions.  I've set up a request for one of them to reach out just to make sure we're all on the same page and so you can get all the information you need.  

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